The Preventive Medicine Center (PMC) is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable and tax-deductible educational organization. The PMC is dedicated to promoting a realistic, supportive, and holistic approach to health: achieving disease prevention and reversal, where
possible, through a combination of innovative, traditional, and alternative methods. We offer extensive information on the 5 Basics, including nutrition as a Liv-it and not a die-t, exercise, and an optimistic/stress reducing outlook that gives you the freedom to be healthy, happy, and to pursue your chosen goals in life as very best as possible.

We are genetically strong and designed to be well, not ill. Mistakes of living break down these natural strengths. The philosophy of the PMC is based on the question of what is natural or correct for our human biology. The PMC gives voice to the insight that most diseases have the same common denominators. Certain common and natural methods can be used to prevent and reverse those conditions. We all have the opportunity to change, improve, and even reverse those conditions. This is the ability and offering of the Preventive Medicine Center.

Everything on this site is an “invitation to consider…”

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H. Robert Silverstein MD
Fellow of the American College of Cardiology
Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine

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